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Core Staff Members

Neil Jefferson, BSc (Hons), Senior Archaeologist


Neil started working in archaeology as a volunteer in 2000 before attending the University of Sheffield to study Archaeological Science focusing on Geophysics. After graduation, he worked for a number of archaeological and geophysics companies, throughout the UK, enjoying the combination of outdoor working and discovery. Neil is particularly interested in the Iron Age to Roman transition period and has been fortunate enough to work on such sites in both Archaeology and Geophysics.


Notable archaeological projects he has run include a Roman pottery production site in Lincoln and the outskirts of a Roman town. 


Neil enjoys sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm and has managed a number of community archaeology projects training volunteers in a range of archaeological techniques and presenting results to the public.

Jenny Jefferson, Office Manager


Jenny started working in in archaeology in 2018 and has worked her way up to taking over the administrative role and providing support to our field teams. Jenny is particularly interested in medieval archaeology and has has been fortunate enough to work on aTemplar Site.

Natalie Williams, Project Archaeologist


Natalie graduated from the university of Liverpool in 2021 with a BA in Archaeology. After graduation she started in commercial archaeology and worked on a variety of sites and large infrastructure to small evaluations all over the UK.


Natalie would like to become an education and outreach officer within the archaeology sector in the future. She enjoys working on community project and teaching others on archaeological practices.

Flo Hall, Project Archaeologist


After graduating from the University of Leicester with a BSc (Hons) in Archaeology, Flo progressed her knowledge by joining the Contour Archaeology Team. She has gained many skills within the commercial archaeology sector, including the professional practices of excavation, including barrows and round houses, the excavation of human remains, both skeletons and cremations, and the fun of digging linears and pits. 


Flo would like to eventually further and focus her education in the field of Zooarchaeology due to her great interest in identifying animal remains and understanding their use. 

Angel Anderson, Project Archaeologist


Angel graduated from the University of Leicester in 2023 with BSc in Archaeology. This will be her first year in the commercial sector, Angel has already developed many skillls including, excavating, recording, and exhuming skeletons/ cremations. Angel takes a particular interest in humam remains and hopes to study a MSc in Forensic Archaeology in the future. 

Ian Jefferson, BA (Hons), Geophysicist


Ian started working in archaeology in 2009 as a volunteer digger at a Roman settlement site. After graduating, Ian soon moved into geophysics, quickly demonstrating skill and expertise in the field. Ian has worked across the country for a number of companies before joining Contour Geophysics.


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